5th International School
of Trigger and Data Acquisition

28th January - 5th February, 2014
Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary

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Q: Is there a fee for the school?
A: The school (lectures and labs) is completely financed by the supporting institutions. We require 450 EURO fee to be paid by the students to cover accommodation in double rooms, lunches, coffee-breaks and social dinner.

Q: Is there any financial support for the students?
A: Some limited financial support for selected student could be offered, provided it is compatible with the resources available for the school.

Q: Who can apply?
A:Last-year undergraduates, master and PhD students taking lessons in physics, computer sciences, engineering

Q: What prior knowledge is required?
A: Basic knowledge on Linux Operating System and C language programming. Basic knowledge on electronics circuits (gates, latches, FPGA structures). Accepted students will be offered some preparatory material to study as a homework before attending the school

For more informations about the participant see this link.


Deadline for applications: 1st December, 2013